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Lot 15

Sold - Castle Comfort

About The Old Mill Development, Castle Comfort, Roseau, Dominica.

Zoning and Planning Approval:

The Castle Comfort Old Mill Development is approved by The Planning Authorities of Dominica for Commercial and Residential usage. It is served by all amenities. It is ideal for location of Tourism Facilities, Apartments for rent, professional offices, education, recreation, health care and recuperation facility, and other residential or commercial accommodation. The area is a fast growing Tourism, Commercial and Residential area.


The Castle Comfort Old Mill Development is located in the Castle Comfort flats, on the southern boundary of the capital city of Roseau, in the Parish of St George, Commonwealth of Dominica.
Its about 7-10 minutes drive from the center of the city. It is in the center of the Castle Comfort residential and Commercial development.

Other commercial, Residential Activity in the Area:
In its immediate vicinity are situated four hotels: The Sisserou, The Evergreen, The Castle Comfort Lodge and The Anchorage Hotel. Dominica is known for its World Class Diving, and These Hotels, operate the leading Dive Centers on the island, attracting a number of visitors.
There is the Rubis West Indies petrol filling station, the McMillans petrol filling station, a laundry, and the Courts Furniture and Home Appliances warehouse.


Water: The land is served at it boundary, by pipe born water supplied by the Dominica Water and Sewage Authority, which is the sole authorized body providing potable water to the island.
Sewage:The land has planning approval to install its own septic tanks , however, it has the option to connect to the City’s sewage system, which runs along the Highway, some 500 feet from the boundary of the land.
Electricity:The electricity supply by the Dominica Electricity Company, the sole supplier of electricity on the island, Reaches the boundary of the land. However, the location of the land lends itself to private provision of green energy such as solar or mini hydro.
Internet, Telephone and Cable Television: There are two Fibre networks providing connection into and out of Dominica.The land is supplied with Fibre network, Internet, mobile and fixed phone service and cable television by The two telecoms providers on the island, DIGICEL and FLOW.


Castle Comfort is a very cool and quiet middle to upper income Community, consisting of about 500 lots, and which is about 75% built up. Adjoining the Castle Comfort Community on the south, is Wall House, another modern middle to upper income Community of over 900 – 1000 lots, which is also about 75-80% built up. A large percentage of the residents of Both Castle Comfort and Wall House Communities are retired Dominicans, who returned from the UK, USA and Canada, and who earn healthy pensions from these countries. There are also a substantial number of nurses, teachers, policemen and other Government employees, as well as other professionals and business persons who live in these communities.


The land has approximately 350ft of frontage on the Badineau Public road, which at a distance of about 500ft travelling West, connects to the Southern Highway into and out of capital city, of Roseau, and to the Southerly communities of Loubiere, Point Michel, Soufriere, Scotts Head, Bellevue, Pichelin and Grandbay.
To the immediate north and North east are the Communities of Eggleston, Giraudel, Fortune , Newtown and Kings Hill Bath Estate, and the Roseau Valley.

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