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2 months ago
Emerald Movies Inc.

Where are all my sci-fi action movie lovers? #ChaosWalking premieres tomorrow Thursday March 4th, 2021 at Emerald Movies Inc. Don't miss it! #emeraldmovies #thursday

Premiering at Emerald Movies, this Thursday March 4th!
Mark the date!!!!

2 months ago
Emerald Movies Inc.

Disney does it again, this Friday March 5th! A movie which displays the power of heart and strength against all odds, not forgetting humour. Treat the whole family to this one. #RayaAndTheLastDragon ... See more

Premiering this Saturday March 6th only at EMERALD MOVIES!

2 months ago
Emerald Movies Inc.

This week at Emerald Movies Inc. - Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th March, 2021. #thisweek #thisweekend #movies

Movie schedule for Thursday 04th March to Sunday 07th March.

"CHAOS WALKING" & "RAYA & THE LAST DRAGON" features this week!

"MAURITANIAN" & "TOM & JERRY" continue this week.
The last showing of ... See more

2 months ago

Live at OP 7 GEF Small Grant Official Ceremony

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